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Resurge Review {WARNINGS}: Scam, Side Effects, Does it Work?

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Resurge Review Resurge

If you are reading this, there is a chance you already know about Resurge. You came across it and since you want to achieve that well trimmed body, you are thinking of putting some of your money on it. However, before doing that you want to know more about it. I’m going to tell you all I know about this weight loss product.

Company behind

This product is currently being marketed and sold by an online based company.  Nothing much about them has been said, but I know they are the same people that male this formula.

Resurge claims
  • Makes you fall asleep and raise metabolism in the body
  • Burns fat cells, thus weight reduction
  • Get rid of aft from every angle of the body
  • It is naturally formulated


When it comes to ingredients; we have been given a very long list by the manufacturer. The way I see it, they could just be listing all of them just to lure us into buying the product. I highly doubt if all of them do really exist in the formula; some of these ingredients include Zinc, Mageneisum and L-Arginine among plants and herbs.

How does Resurge work?

Resurge is claimed to work totally different from other weight loss products. It makes you fall asleep at night as your metabolic rate goes high. This will lead to breaking down of fat cells, thus leading to weight reduction.

Resurge Pros

  • Comes formulated using a lot of ingredients
  • Said to help you fall sleep fats

Resurge Cons

  • Not suitable for teenagers
  • No evidence to show it really work
  • Potential side effects
  • Not pocket friendly

Resurge Results

That one big promise that the product could see you lose a lot of fats while you are asleep is one big lie. I have personally spoken to some pats users and most of them are not happy about the kind of results they got. In short, this product doesn’t work well and losing weight through it is not just going to happen.

Where to buy Resurge?

This product, as with most weight loss supplements, is not available in stores or pharmacies. It is sold strictly online. You are required to visit the company’s main website and place an order. You will come across a number of third party online retailers, but once you click at the link, you still will be redirected to the company’s main website.

Is Resurge a scam?

Yes, it is and I always advise people to be very careful when dealing with this particular weight loss product.  Not only has it not been clinically tested, but we so far have no reviews from real users or even independent sources.

Resurge Side effects

Truth just be told; Resurge is not safe and it will never be. It destabilizes the body and could see you battle with a number of side effects. It is not one of the safest weight loss products you can think off today


That said, I can say without any contradiction that it would be totally pointless to buy this particular product. It doesn’t work like we have been promised by the manufacturer and it could see you suffer a number of health issues. [phenq]

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