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Weight Loss Basics | Weight Loss Fun And Easy

Losing weight is an uphill battle for most people. For the longest time, there was a stigma attached to the word ‘dieting.’ Every time it was mentioned, people figured it meant going without food for days on end. In recent years however, the awareness regarding the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle has shifted the paradigm of losing weight altogether.

You can find tons of literature on the topic of weight loss, but hardly any that suits a lifestyle with no extremes. Where some sources tell individuals to stop eating everything, others cause extreme and intense de-motivation as according to them the solution to losing weight lies in exercising all day, every day!

What Are The Basics Of Weight Loss?

A smart weight loss plan does not put you off nor tells you to give up every morsel of food in front of you. Before starting your journey to a healthier lifestyle, it is important to understand that managing a balanced diet and a healthy weight are the elements of a very simple equation. According to this equation:

“The calories you gain should be less than the calories you burn.”

Call this the golden rule of a diet plan. Keeping this in mind, no matter what you eat or where you eat you will always stay healthy.

The basics of a weight loss plan are then simple:

Following A Balanced Diet:

A balanced diet is a confusing word for dieters. What is a balanced diet? A balanced diet is the intake of all kinds of foods, but in a controlled manner. If you come to think of it, following a balanced diet is a matter of common sense! Once you have decided to eat in a balanced way, a heavy lunch will automatically trigger signals for a very light dinner, won’t it?

Exercising At Least Thrice A Week:

Following a proper exercise routine is also a basic pillar of a weight loss program. Granted that you have a hectic work schedule, but taking out some time to go to the gym is not that hard, given your new resolution to lose weight in the next few months. If nothing, try to make it a habit to run a few rounds in the nearby park every evening.

Mark Down High Calorie Foods:

Apart from a balanced diet, one should have knowledge of the foods that are extremely high on caloric content. One such example is the intake of alcohol. Even though most people look at it as a fun beverage, the alcoholic content of these drinks amounts to 92% of calories when compared to other ingredients.

Do some math to help you lose weight!

Do not worry; this is the kind of math you will love! Following the above basic weight loss steps becomes easy if you know a few figures that outline how much energy you need and how much food to consume. As a first step, calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate. This can be done easily with the help of websites that have built in calculators. Next, from the same online source, calculate your ‘daily calorie burnout’ and the ‘amount of calories you gain’ daily (depending on the type of food you usually eat).  Lastly, add your BMR to the calories lost, if this figure is greater than the calories you gain, you are likely to lose weight and vice versa.

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