Green Tea Weight Loss RecipeWhenever you say smoothie you seem like you’re not allowed to have it because it’s fattening and you’re watching your weight. Smoothie connotes something such as sweets or cake or ice cream. This isn’t so because a smoothie is essentially a fruits drink that may be beneficial if you know exactly what to put in it. Try some of these low fat smoothie recipes to get weight watchers just like you and you find out that you might burn extra calories off. The best thing about smoothies is they contain the whole fruits as opposed to only its juices. This gives you more of the healthful nutrients and fibers from the fruits which in turn will assist in your digestion.

You may also add some ingredients which are healthful and will boost the advantages your smoothie can give. This recipe is very low in calories and creamy, rich and nutritious. In fact research demonstrates that sour sop is a natural remedy for all kinds of cancers and tumors. green tea weight loss tipsBlend all of the ingredients together in a blender or smoothie maker for a beverage that is very refreshing and nutritious. 1 cup fresh or slightly frozen sour sop without the seeds 1\/2 cup of milk of your choice 1\/2 cup of non fat plain yogurt. This recipe blends and nourishment and coconut’s property of lychees for a beverage.

1\/2 cup fresh or slightly frozen lychees without the seeds 1 \/2 cup fresh grated young coconut 1\/2 cup coconut juice or 1\/2 cup milk of your choice 1 tablespoon honey. Green and Go. This recipe provides the weight reduction properties of green tea to you. 8 cups cold water 4 green tea bags 1\/2 cup honey 1\/2 cup lemon juice Optional: Lemon slices, fresh mint leaves. Allow the water mixture steep for approximately 4 to five minutes. Remove and allow the mixture cool. Adhering to the mix put the mixture in a blender. Serve with a lot from ice, lemon slices, fresh mint leaves and honey, if desired.